The film is about Mãe Dango, priestess of Candomblé Angola, and her trajectory of great achievements. The life of Mãe Dango is marked by the ancestry inherited from her father, who passed her the teachings of the Banta culture. Priestess of Candomblé Angola, her trajectory is about great achievements and overcoming the violent racism of the country. The Rainbow House shelters all her children and she defines it as a “quilombo”, where the “inquices” are worshiped and where it’s built one more chapter of the history of the black resistance in Brazil.

Direction and Screenplay: Gilberto Alexandre Sobrinho

Co-direction and Ressearch: Gracia Navarro

Direction Assistant: Alessandro Oliveira

Executive Production: Julio Matos e Marcelo Félix

Direction of Production: Julio Matos

Direction of Photography: Coraci Ruiz e Felipe Bonfim

Field Production: Letizia Nicoli e Alexandre Machado

Editing: Coraci Ruiz

Sound Recording: Olivia Fiusa e Julio Matos

Editing Assistant: Lucas Reitano

Post-production Coordination: Julio Matos

Original Soundtrack and Sound Designer: Víctor Negri

Mixing: Alexandre Jardim (CTAV) e Olivia Fiusa

Color Correction: Isabela Moura

Poster: Cláudia Kfouri

Design: Arthur Amaral

Production Internship: Bruna Schroeder e Ana Luiza Fretta

Editing Internship: Lucas Lazarini

With: Mãe Dango

Leeds International Film Festival 2017 - LIFF 31

FESTCINE 2018 - Festival de cinema CURTA PINHAIS

11º Encontro de Cinema Negro Brasil, África e Caribe Zózimo Bulbul 2018

29º Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens de São Paulo - audience favorites