From Nascente to Foz is a documentary road series that runs, from the spring to the end, seven of the most important Brazilian rivers.It proposes a socio-environmental view of the Brazilian rivers and travels mainly through conflict regions on their banks. The series denounces the serious crimes carried out in Brazil against its water heritage. It reflects, in time, on the future of our rivers.

Director: Hidalgo Romero
Screenwriter: Hidalgo Romero e Renato Tapajós
Research: Renata Nitta
Voice over texts: Hidalgo Romero e Guga Cacilhas
Voiceover: Verônica Fabrini
Executive production: Hidalgo Romero, Marcinhò Zola e Julio Matos
Production: Carolina Alberini e Jean Fichefeux, Marcelo Félix
Cinematography: Rica Saito, David Reeks, Chico Bahia, Martina Piazza, Mihai Leaha
Sound recording: Hidalgo Romero e Rica Saito
Editing: Lucas Lazarini, Martina Piazza, Rica Saito
Sound design and mix: Olivia Fiusa
Colorgrading: Tobias Rezende
post production coordinator: Lucas Lazarini
Post production assistant: Guilherme Augusto
Editing assistant: Guilherme Augusto, Clara Lazarim e Júlia Fávero
Production assistant: Larah Camargo (Estágio)
Graphics: Alexandre de Maio e Carlos Carneiro
Original soundtrack: João Arruda