Coraci Ruiz

Coraci Ruiz is a documentary maker since 2003, when she participated in the foundation of producer Laboratório Cisco, in Campinas. With a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Culture and Media (2009), she is currently taking the PhD in Multimedia, both in Institute of Arts of Unicamp. Also part of her formation is the course “Realización de Documentales” of EICTV (Cuba).

Among her main realizations are long film “Cartas para Angola” (2012), which was featured in over 30 festivals in 16 countries, and was awarded in Brazil, Angola, Portugal and Belgium; one series of shows for Sala de Notícias (between 2012 and 2014), short films “Saudade, vídeo-cartas para Cuba” (2005), “Outra Cidade” (2009), and “Cartas do Desterro” (2015) and “No tempo do Dashicô” (2016), all directed in partnership with Julio Matos.

As a Photography Director, she signs all projects she directs; in addition to those, TV series “Taquaras, Tambores e Violas” (2015), directed by Hidalgo Romero; series “Chão de Fábrica” (2017), long film “Esquerda em Transe” (em edição) and medium film “O fim do esquecimento” (2013), all of Renato Tapajós; various short films, including “Quem? Entre muros e pontes”, of Maria Farinha Filmes (2014) and “Re-making the past: a response to inspiration from prehistory”, of Zan Barbeton (2015); six shows of Sala de Notícias and various other institutional videos.