Some people inherit a house; others can inherit some money… There are also those who inherit an iron teapot or a stamp collection. It may also be a pointy nose, a large forehead or skinny shins… But some people, those with parents of different nationalities, many times, receive a language as inheritance.

Director: Coraci Ruiz and Julio Matos
Cinematographer and Editor: Coraci Ruiz
Head Office Producer, Audio Recorder and Post-production's Coordinator: Julio Matos
Office Producer: Marcelo Félix
Sound Designer and Mixing: Olívia Fiuza
Aditional Cinematography: Laura Belinky

Exibição de Estréia:

II-SEPOLH - Simpósio Europeu sobre o Ensino de Português como Língua de Herança - Munique - Alemanha - outubro de 2015