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Coraci Ruiz, 13 min, 2019.


"Threshold" is an autobiographical documentary made by a mother who follows the gender transition of her adolescent son: between 2016 and 2019 she interviews him addressing the conflicts, certainties and uncertainties that pervade him in a deep search for his identity. At the same time, the mother, revealed through a first-person narration and by her voice behind the camera that talks to her son, also goes through a process of transformation required by the situation that life presents her with by breaking old paradigms, facing fears and dismantling prejudices.


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Diana Helene | Regina Santos | Fernanda Magalhães Camila Godoi

Clandestine Band: Alline Lola Aline Maria Camila Godoi Natalia Benite


Director and Cinematographer


Executive Producer


Narration text

Original Soundtrack

Sound Designer and Mixer

Editing Consultancy

Research Coordination

Impact Distribution Production

Post-production Coordination

Finishing production

Editor Assistant


Coraci Ruiz

Coraci Ruiz e Luiza Fagá

Julio Matos

Luiza Fagá

Coraci Ruiz, Luiza Fagá e Julio Matos

Natália Mallo

Guile Martins

Cristina Amaral (DOCSP 2019)

Gilberto Alexandre Sobrinho

Rodrigo Diaz Diaz

Lucas Lazzarini

Tobias Rezende

Marcelo Félix

Gui Augusta

Noah Silveira Ruiz

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exhibitions and awards

  • 28º Festival Mix Brasil 2020: Best Direction

  • 14º For Rainbow – Festival de Cinema e Cultura da Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero: Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Photography, Best Sound Design

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