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We are a family owned and operated business.

Conducting workshops was a natural consequence of our work. For us, exchanging experiences and collaborating with the training of other people interested in cinema is an important feedback process, which makes our practice more fluid, plural and dynamic.

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We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a content producer, but as the exhibition has always been and continues to be a bottleneck for Brazilian audiovisual, we also carry out projects for the exhibition of films in alternative spaces and public squares, always aiming at the formation of audiences. The events are free and have a space for debate after each session.

Documentary making
This workshop involves all stages of making a documentary, from the conception of the theme, research and pre-production, recording, editing and finalization.

The critical observer
The mass communication and entertainment industry is today the largest opinion shaping vehicle in contemporary society. Since the beginning of the history of print media, cinema, radio and later television, these languages have always been linked to the great ideological and political views in force. So, how to perceive the discourse behind the successive montage of images? Or how is a particular point of view suggested with the creation of fictional and documentary stories? These are the questions that this workshop intends to raise and, above all, to discuss.

Look training
Photography, whether in motion or static, always starts from a particular look at the world. So it is the photographer's gaze, his relationship with light, the shapes, places, people and situations that surround him that make the images produced consistent, sensitive and communicating. In this course, we propose a training for the look that is based both on the appreciation of films and on the production of several practical exercises.

Short film script
This workshop proposes a practical approach to the creative process in the construction of a fictional story. Through some technical narrative resources, participants make a short fiction script.

Relationships between documentary and medical practice
This workshop was taught for a few years at the Faculty of Medicine at Unicamp, for first-year students of medicine and speech therapy courses. From the study and exercises on the practice of interviewing in the documentary, we work on raising awareness of listening to the other, the interest in life stories and thus, the humanization of the relationship between doctors and patients.

Cine Coco
In partnership with Praça do Coco, in Barão Geraldo (Campinas / SP), Cine Coco was structured around two main objectives: the occupation of public spaces with cinema sessions, in which national films were shown - always a long precedent for a short film, and the democratization of access to films, outside the commercial cinema circuit in shopping centers in the city, with free sessions. The project is expected to last 18 months between 2010 and 2011.

Cine Barão
It was a partnership between the Cisco Laboratory, the group pro Parque de Barão Geraldo and the producer Capuccino Produções, in addition to some employees. The project entered into a partnership with the Mostra Curta de Campinas, being part of its program in 2015. It lasted about 6 months (August 2015 to January 2916), in which cinema cycles, such as Ciclo de Cinema Argentino, Ciclo Almodovar and Ciclo Wooky Allen. All sessions were free and were held at Restaurante Raízes Zen, in Barão Geraldo (Campinas / SP).

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