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The Young One Who Came From the North 

Ana Teixeira, 85 min, 2023.


In a little corner of São Paulo, the Sertão (located in the north of Brazil), has taken up residence. Memories of migrants from the backlands are transformed into animation through the adventures of Rosinha, a bird-child who grows up and faces her conflicts as the characters tell their stories. As they reinvent their own Sertão in the place they inhabit, the protagonists ask themselves questions about belonging, their longing, and the future.


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Direction: Ana Teixeira

Production direction: Camila Santana, Julio Matos, Bárbara Sodré
Production: Ana Teixeira, Coraci Ruiz, Hidalgo Romero, Julio Matos

Executive Production: Ana Teixeira, Camila Santana, Julio Matos, Larissa Cezarino, Marcelo Félix

Screenplay: Ana Teixeira

Cinematography: Coraci Ruiz 

Additional Cinematography: Jean Marcel Camargo

Art animation: Natália Gregorini e Lou Bustamante

Editor: Juliano Faustino Castro 

Soundtrack Esther Alves

Location Sound: Julio Matos e Alê Machado

Sound Design and Mixing: Guile Martins

Colour Grade: Tobias Rezende


Alex Souza, Alexandra Pereira, Avelar Martins, Carminha Medeiros, Cristiane Faustino Castro, Diva Rosa, Ivanete Maria Carvalho, Manoel Carvalho, Maria Pereira, Tonha do Santos Teles e Zena Santos

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