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Munganga explores the relationship between the "sambadores" of cavalo marinho (a traditional expression from the northern region of Pernambuco) and theater and dance artists who use elements of the game in their creations. Through a sensitive gaze, the documentary traces the contours of the flux between tradition and contemporaneity, revealing unique expressions that emerge from the encounter of different people.

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Hidalgo Romero, Coraci Ruiz and Julio Matos, 20 min, 2010.

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Executive Production

Thaís de Souza


Coordination and Research

Lineu Gabriel


Production Direction

Hidalgo Romero


Photography Direction

Coraci Ruiz


Sound Recording and Steadycam

Julio Matos



Coraci Ruiz


Sound Design and Mixing

Ricardo Zollner


Color Treatment

Mateus Loner


Production Assistance

Patrícia Castilho



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