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Waterfall Souls

Hidalgo Romero and Rica Saito, 15 min, 2022.

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According to the  Avá-Guarani cosmology, after death there are only two sacred places that lead them to heaven. These two places are connected by an artificial lake, filled by the construction of an huge hydroelectric. 


In 2018 the national indigenous health program was threatened by the Federal Government and indigenous people took to the streets in protest. This was when the  Avá-Guarani occupied the sacred places. Or what's left of it. This film follows this occupation.


Âncora 1
Âncora 2

Recorded in the Ava-Guarani Village Takoha Y'hovy Guaíra - PR in March 2019.

With the participation of:

Ângelo de Oliveira - Rezador (in memorian),

Damião Ava-Guarani - Rezador,

Ilson Karai - Cacique,

Take Rokay Pony - Vice CVacica


Director and Screenplay

Hidalgo Romero and Rica Saito


Executive Producers

Julio Matos, Marcelo Félix and Marcinhò Zola



Marcelo Félix and Marcinhò Zola


Base Production

Carol Alberini 


Finishing Production

Bárbara Sodré


Post Production Coordinator

Lucas Lazarini and Julio Matos


Cinematography and Editing

Rica Saito


Direct Sound and Aerial Image

Hidalgo Romero



João Arruda


Graphic Design

Gil Tokio



Isabela Moura


Sound Design and Mixing

Augusta Gui


Guarani Translation

Ilson Karai


English Translation

Rica Saito and Barbara Ann Mollan


Post-production trainee

Ana Lígia Rodrigues


Production Trainees

Maria Palazzin

Vivian Cabral

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