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The series


Ê Brazil ...
The music is in charge here, my friend!
And for it to sound it is not easy. Dig the trunk, weld the iron, scrape the leather, pierce the taboca, sand the wood, pass the rope, braid the wires ... Each material has its own way, its mysteries and its wisdom.

In Taquaras, Tambores e Violas you will get to know some of the musical instruments of Brazilian popular culture, their accents, rhythms and stories. And I'm not the one who will tell. They are the artisans, the masters, the musicians and the playful, guardians of a tradition as rich as it is unknown.
Come see!

A Série

First season

The first season of Taquaras Tambores e Violas traveled through 5 states and 18 Brazilian cities to show how 13 instruments of our culture are made and played. She is available to watch on the Cultura em Casa platform. 

Teaser Alfaia - TTV
Teaser Viola Machete - TTV
Teaser Atabaque - TTV
Teaser Pife - TTV
Teaser Gongue - TTV
Teaser Xequere - TTV
Teaser Berimbau - TTV
Teaser Caixa - TTV
Teaser Rabeca - TTV
Teaser Violão de Sete Cordas - TTV
Teaser Tambu - TTV
Teaser Viola Caipira - TTV