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Alice Villela and Hidalgo Romero, 18', 2022.

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The Kariri-Xocó, an indigenous people from Brazil, who live on the borders of the São Francisco River, have in their songs and traditional rituals a place of strength to resist a colonial history of violence and invisibility.

Stripped of their language and territory, expropriated throughout Brazilian history, they occupied a portion of their ancestral lands in 2015, in a movement called the Retomada (reclaimed).

This film followed one day of immersion with the Kariri-Xocó in the reclaimed lands. They sing to keep resisting and resist to keep singing.



Âncora 1
Âncora 2


Direction and Script
Alice Villela

Hidalgo Romero


Hidalgo Romero


Coraci Ruiz

Additional Images

Hidalgo Romero

Direct Sound

Julio Matos


Alice Vilela

Julio Matos

Bárbara Sodré

Executive Production
Julio Matos

Marcelo Félix

Marcinhò Zola

Base Production

Bruna Schroeder

Jean Fichefeux

Production Intern

Ana Luíza Fretta

Jéssica Isidoro

Larissa Mendes


Tobias Rezende

Sound mixing and editing

Augusta Gui

Finishing coordination

Julio Matos 

Lucas Lazarini

Graphic art

Bia Porto

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