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After fourteen years governing the country, the main Brazilian leftist party was booted from power through an impeachment process considered by many a "white coup d'état." The process hit the left-wing parties and social movements in full and put them in the line of fire of conservatism. And now? How do these groups stand from this moment on? What are intellectuals and artists thinking and writing?


Left Entranced

Renato Tapajós, 78', 2018.

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Guilherme Boulos, Marilena Chauí, João Pedro Stédile, Boaventura de Souza Santos, Lira Alli, Nataly Santiago, Tiago Pará, Renan Santos.



Renato Tapajós


Coraci Ruiz, Hidalgo Romero and Julio Matos

Executive production

Julio Matos and Marcelo Félix

Director of Photography

Coraci Ruiz

Assembly and Screenplay

Hidalgo Romero

Soundtrack and Music Edition

Embolex (Fernão Ciampa, Érico Theobaldo,

Pedro Angeli and Rafael Cerqueira)

Creative Collaboration

Marema Valadão

Production Direction, Direct Sound

and Finishing Coordination

Julio Matos

Base Production

Marcelo Félix

Field Production

Alexandre Machado

Iconographic Research

Isabela Moura

Graphic design

Arthur Amaral

Assembly Assistance

Lucas Reitano

Production Intern

Bruna Schroeder and Ana Luíza 


Fretta Barros

Sound Design and Mixing

Isabela Moura

Actor preparation

Olivia Fiusa

Poster art

Jesser de Souza

Paulo Ito

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exhibitions and awards

  • 39 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano

  • Brésil au Mouvments 2018

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