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Melhor som - 16 For Rainbow - Festival de Cinema e Cultura da Diversidade Sexual e de Gner
Melhor Montagem - 16 For Rainbow - Festival de Cinema e Cultura da Diversidade Sexual e de
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Blooming on the asphalt

Coraci Ruiz and Julio Matos, 79 min, 2022

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WhatsApp Image 2021-12-17 at 21.19.46.jpeg

As Jack starts his gender transition process, Brazil is plunged into a wave of extreme conservatism. For five years we follow the transformations in both his life and in Brazil, as the LGBTQI+ community are challenged by an ultra right-wing government and a devastating pandemic. This intimate portrayal of Jack and his friends reveals a tender network of affection and solidarity that flourishes in the midst of adversity.

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Coraci Ruiz


Coraci Ruiz has a degree in Dance, a master in Audiovisual Culture and Media and a PhD in Multimedia, all from Unicamp. She has been a documentary filmmaker since 2003, when she participated in the foundation of the production company Laboratório Cisco. Her first feature film, Letters to Angola (2012), took part in several festivals and won awards in Brazil, Angola, Portugal and Belgium; her second, Threshold (2020), has been circulating through dozens of festivals in various countries and received 18 awards in Brazil and abroad.


Julio Matos

Julio Matos graduated in Sociology at Unicamp and has a Masters in Media and Communication from Goldsmiths University of London. He has been a documentary director and producer since 2003, when he participated in the foundation of the production company Laboratório Cisco. His first feature film, Letters to Angola (2012), took part in several festivals and won awards in Brazil, Angola, Portugal and Belgium.

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Executive Producer




Sound Recorder


Sound Designer and Mixer

Original Soundtrack

Art Design

Editing consultancy

Production Director

Soundtrack production

Office Production


Post-production coordination

Visual Effects

Motion Graphics

Editing Assistance

English Translation

Spanish Translation

French Translation




Descriptive subtitles



Jack Celeste, Helena Agalenéa, Noah Silveira Ruiz, Rafaela Vaz, Paul Parra. Graffiti byTransmarginais - Weyla Yue and Edy Carão

Coraci Ruiz, Hidalgo Romero and Julio Matos

Zan Barberton and Scott Radnor

Julio Matos, Marcelo Félix and Marcinhò Zolá

Coraci Ruiz and Julio Matos

Coraci Ruiz, Julio Matos and Luiza Fagá

Coraci Ruiz

Julio Matos

Luiza Fagá

Augusta Gui and Guile Martins

Malka Julieta

Nathê Miranda

Marta Andreu (DOCSP 2020)

Julio Matos

Tuca Freitas

Bárbara Sodré and Marcelo Félix

Marcelo Félix and Marcinhò Zolá

Julio Matos and Lucas Lazarini

Tobias Rezende

Augusta Gui

Lucas Lazarini and Matheus Luiz

Augusta Gui and Lucas Lazarini

Coraci Ruiz, Noah Silveira Ruiz, Zan Barberton and Lue Mac 

Luna Acosta

Top Traduções and Giles Weyne Robert

Jady Mitchells
Bell Machado / Quesst Consulting (Script and Narration) and Felipe Mianes (Consulting)

Augusta Gui and Ana Lígia Rodrigues

Michael Viana and Abner

Michele Barros

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awards and exhibitions

  • 25ª Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes, Brazil

  • 37th Lovers Film Festival, Italy

  • II Festival Internacional LGBTQIA+ Transamazônico, Brazil

  • 2022 Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival, Canada

  • Unicamp Queer 2022, Brazil

  • AMOR Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT+, Chile

  • 8º Santos Film Fest – Festival Internacional de Filmes de Santos, Brazil - Best Direction

  • Semana de Arte Transviada, Brazil

  • 26º Festival de Cine de Lima Pucp, Peru - hors-concours

  • 34º Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Canada 

  • 9th FICLAPAZ - International Film Festival of La Paz, Bolivia - Best Documentary Feature

  • Llamale H, Uruguay

  • 18º Festival Brésil en Mouvements, France

  • Fringe! Queer Film & Art Fest, UK 

  • 29º Festival de Cinema de Vitória, Brazil - Honorable Mention for Direction

  • 16º Cine BH, Brazil

  • 45ª Festival Guarnicê de Cinema, Brazil - Best Soundtrack and Best Supporting Actress

  • Everybody's Perfect, the Geneva International Queer Film Festival, Switzerland

  • 20º Festival des Libertés, Belgium

  • 11th Pink Life QueerFest, Turkey

  • 16º Atlantidoc, Uruguay

  • 39º Bogocine, Colomby

  • 13th Ethnofest - Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, Greece

  • 34º FICVIÑA - Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar, Chile

  • LGBT Film Festival El Lugar Sin Límites, Equator

  • - Mostra Contemporânea Brasileira, Brazil

  • 28º Festival De Cine Latinoamericano Rosario, Argentina

  • 30º Mix Brasil, Brazil - Honorable Mention

  • 10th Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival, India

  • Mostra Sesc de Cinema, Brazil - Acquisition Award

  • 15th edition of OMOVIES FILM FESTIVAL, Italy

  • 13º Festival de Cinema de Triunfo, Brazil - Best Sound, Best Editing and Best Character

  • 16° For Rainbow, Brazil – Festival de Cinema e Cultura da Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero, Brazil - Best Sound and Best Editing

  • Festival de films LGBTQI+ de Toulouse | Des Images Aux Mots, France - Palmarès du Jury Documentaire

  • Cinéma de Femmes, Paris, France

  • Cine Plural, Brazil

  • Internationales Frauen Filmfest Dortmund, Germany

  • Crossroads, Austria

  • LASA2023 Film Festival, Canada

  • Rio LGBTQIA+ Festival, Brazil

  • 6ta Edición de Santiago del Estero Film Festival, Argentina

  • 20º Festival Internacional de Cine de Direitos Humanos FICDH, Argentina

  • 9° Festival de Cine sobre Diversidad Sexual y Género Espacio Queer, Argentina - Special Mention by Jury

  • 12º Rio LGBTQIA+ Festival, Brasil

  • 27º Inffinito Film Festival, EUA

  • EQUIS – Festival de Cine Feminista 2023, Ecuador

  • Festival Chéries-Chéris 2023, França

  • TRANSFORMA 2023, Brasil

  • Festival Hecho por Mujeres 2024, Perú - Mejor Largometraje

  • ​15º LGBT+ Film Festival Poland, 2024

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