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Coraci Ruiz, 77 min, 2020



"Threshold" is an autobiographical documentary made by a mother who follows the gender transition of her adolescent son: between 2016 and 2019 she interviews him addressing the conflicts, certainties and uncertainties that pervade him in a deep search for his identity.

At the same time, the mother, revealed through a first-person narration and by her voice behind the camera that talks to her son, also goes through a process of transformation required by the situation that life presents her with by breaking old paradigms, facing fears and dismantling prejudices.

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Coraci Ruiz has a degree in Dance (2002), a Master in Audiovisual Culture and Media (2009) and a PhD in Multimedia (2020), all from Unicamp (SP/Brazil). Also part of her background is the 2005 EICTV documentary filmmaking workshop.

She has been a documentary filmmaker since 2003, when she participated in the foundation of the production company Laboratorio Cisco. She works mainly as director and director of photography for documentaries. 

Among her main productions are the feature films "Threshold" (2020) and "Letters to Angola" (2012), which has participated in more than 30 festivals in 16 countries and was awarded prizes in Brazil, Angola, Portugal and Belgium; and the short films "Nostalgia, video letters to Cuba" (2005), "Another City" (2009), "Letters from Exile" (2015) and "Strong Feather" (2019). She is currently working on a feature film "Blooming on the asphalt" (selected for the LAB DOC of DOCSP 2020, with tutoring by Marta Andreu, and for the WIP of Conecta Chile, is expected to premiere in 2021).

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Noah Silveira Ruiz |  Lena Bartman Marko  |  Coraci Ruiz


Direction and Cinematography
Executive production
Narration text
Original soundtrack
Sound design and Mixing
Script consulting
Research coordination
Impact Distribution Production
Post-production Coordination
Post-production Production
Executive production assistant
Editing assistant
Impact distribution
Audio description voiceover and script

Coraci Ruiz
Coraci Ruiz and Luiza Fagá
Julio Matos
Luiza Fagá
Coraci Ruiz, Luiza Fagá and Julio Matos
Natália Mallo
Guile Martins
Cristina Amaral (DOCSP 2019)
Gilberto Alexandre Sobrinho
Rodrigo Diaz Diaz
Lucas Lazarini
Marcelo Félix
Tobias Rezende
Marcinho Zolá
Augusta Gui
Taturana Mobilização Social
Noah Silveira Ruiz
Neto Oliveira
Bell Machado (Quesst Consultoria)
Emmanuelle Alkmin (Consultoria)
Luana Pimentel (Consultoria Travestigeneri)
Augusta Gui (Consultoria Travestigeneri)
Noah Silveira Ruiz (Consultoria Travestigeneri)

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  • Hot Docs 2021 - Competitive Selection International Spectrum (International Première)

  • Ethnocineca - International Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2021 - Opening Film

  • 28º Festival Mix Brasil 2020: Best Direction

  • 14º For Rainbow – Festival de Cinema e Cultura da Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero 2020: Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Photography, Best Sound Design

  • 9ª SP Transvisão / SP Escola de Teatro, 2021

  • Mostra Transversa - Presenças Trans no Cinema Brasileiro / Escola Porto Iracema das Artes, 2020

  • Festival Cajubi 2021

  • Santos Film Fest – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Santos: Honor Mention

  • 9ª Mostra Audiovisual de Petrópolis

  • 2º Festival Mulheres+ do Audiovisual - Inffinito Film Festival 2021

  • 20º Cinemato - Festival de Cinema e Vídeo de Cuiabá: Best Feature Film - Films of the Resistance Programme by Audience


  • 1° Festival Internacional LGBTQIA+ Transamazônico - Brazil

  • Mostra Cinecuesta - Brazil

  • Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Film Festival - Germany

  • 24 Festival de Málaga - Spain

  • 36^ Lovers Film Festival - Italy - Best Documentary

  • Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer - Russia

  • 42nd Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) - South Africa - Closing Film

  • Doc Montevideo - La Semana Documental - Uruguai

  • Unicamp Queer 2021 - Brazil

  • Rio Festival de Cinema LGBTQIA+ - Brazil - Best Film

  • Gimli Film Festival (GFF) - Canada

  • Vitória Mostra Docs - Brazil

  • Festival AMOR  - Chile

  • Festival do Rio - Première Brasil

  • 25 FESTIVAL DE CINE DE LIMA PUCP - Perú - Best Documentary and Gio Award for Best LGBTQIA+ Film

  • One World Arts - Canada 

  • Citronela.Doc - Brazil

  • Queer Lisboa - Portugal - Audience Award

  • CINE A LA VISTA! - Argentina - 2º Award Category +13

  • Latin American and Spanish Film Week - Canada

  • 35th Festival MIX Milano - Italy

  • Providence Latin American Film Festival - EUA

  • The Porn Film Festival Berlin - Germany

  • Brésil en Mouvements 2021 - France

  • Everybory's Perfect - Geneva International Queer Film Festival - Switzerland - Opening Film

  • Llamale H - Uruguai - Best Film

  • Cinemagic International Film Festival - UK

  • Seattle Latino Film Festival - EUA

  • Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible Film Sozialack Bilbao - Spain - Jury Award for Best Film made by a Woman

  • Cabíria Festival - Mulheres & Audiovisual - Brazil 

  • 6ª Elas Fazem Cinema: mostra de filmes dirigidos por mulheres - Brazil

  • San Francisco Latino Film Festival - EUA

  • DOCSP - Mostra de Filmes - Brazil

  • Festival de Cinema de Vitória - Brazil

  • Guelph Film Festival - Canada 


  • EQUIS Festival de Cine Feminista de Ecuador

  • 38th Kassel Dokfest - Germany

  • Mezipatra Queer Film Festival - Czech Republic

  • MOSTRA XII Brazilian Film Festival - EUA and Brazil

  • FRONTDOC - Italy - Audience Award for Best Film

  • Festival de cine Latinoamericano de La Plata – FESAALP - Argentina

  • Festival Chéries-Chéris - France

  • Athens Ethnographic Film Festival – Ethnofest - Greece

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