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From My World to Yours

Alice Villela and Hidalgo Romero, 15 min, 2022.

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From my World to Yours is a poetic and performatic short film about the cosmovision of an indigenous Kariri-Xocó, a shaman and political leader.
For this people, the maraca, a small circular percussive instrument, is the world itself in miniature and the seeds that resonate inside it, the various forms of life that inhabit it.
When the world needs balance, the shamans play the maraca, organizing the planet.
The main character of this film goes from his hometown to a big urban centre in São Paulo. In this journey, he needs the strength of his ancestors to keep firm his spiritual base and his conviction in a new world, without violence and fair for all.
To do so, he plays the maraca.



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Alice Villela is a visual anthropologist with a doctorate in Social Anthropology and a master in Arts. She conducted research with the Asuriní of Xingu (PA) investigating topics such as performance in indigenous ritual, notions of image, photography, audiovisual and image production. Conducted a research internship at the University Paris X de Nanterre, Paris, France between 2013 and 2014. He directed with Hidalgo Romero the films Happenings (2009) and The Fight of the Dog and the Jaguar (2013).     

He is currently conducting post-doctoral research with the Image and Anthropology Laboratory at USP investigating the relations between audiovisual, music and locality in the series "Brazilian Roots Instruments" of the Cisco Laboratory.

Hidalgo Romero is graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, holds a master's degree in Multimedia, and has attended the cinema script workshop at the Escola Internacional de Cine e TV de San Antonio de los Baños, in Cuba. He is a member of the production company Laboratório Cisco since 2006.

As director and screenwriter, his films Happenings (with participation in the 22nd IDFA and 10th É Tudo Verdade festivals, with honorable mention at the 37th Bahia Journey), The fight of the tiger and the dog (MIMO Festival and 10th IN-Edit Brasil) and the feature films Facture's Floor (2018) and Left Entrance (Renato Tapajós, 2018) stand out.

He also directed and scripted the series Brazilian Roots Instruments ( 26 eps. of 26 minutes), Through the river (3 eps. of 26 minutes) and Facture's Floor (13 eps. of 26 minutes).

Currently he is dedicating himself to the direction of the television series Shadows Over The Continent (6 eps. of 26 minutes) and the development of the feature film The Re-Take, in partnership with anthropologist Alice Villela, which participated in important laboratories of project development, such as DocSP, Brasil CineMundi and the Ibermedia program.

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​Direction and Script

Alice Villela and Hidalgo Romero

Casting preparation and creative consulting

Ana Cristina Colla

Photography direction

Coraci Ruiz


Luiza Fagá

Direct Sound and Additional Images

Julio Matos

Aerial Images

Hidalgo Romero

Produced by

Coraci Ruiz, Hidalgo Romero and Julio Matos

Executive production

Hidalgo Romero and Marcelo Félix

Base Production

Bárbara Sodré


Marcelo Felix

Executive Production Assistant

Bárbara Sodré

Editing Assistant

Anderson Rodrigo dos Santos

Post Production Coordinator

Lucas Lazarini and Julio Matos


Tobias Rezende

Sound Design and Mixing

Augusta Gui

Visual Effects and Finalization

Lucas Lazarini


Pawanã Crody Kariri-Xocó


Noah Silveira

Post-production intern

Ana Ligia Rodrigues

Production interns

Maria Palazzin and Vivian Cabral

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